Special programs

Special programs

Affordable selling points, special and simplified. Systems related to ERP, systems to record and control the attendance and departure times of employees and more… For over ten years, Falcons Soft's expert team members have delivered customized systems tailored to suit business needs. Each business is unique, and Riyad Software is committed to producing customized systems to address your needs.

We offer you smart and unique solutions to address your business needs!

At Riyad Software, we create unique and smart solutions that fit your business data, increase business efficiency, and secure access to information. The customized systems and excellent technical support provided by Riyad Software makes the acquisition of new systems easy and hassle-free.

Develop your business

At Riyad Software, we are committed to providing customized systems, solutions and services to our customers. Our technical staff - with over 20 years of experience - are ready to make your work more efficient - saving you time and money. If you want to implement a POS system, need help with your new systems, or have any other request, be sure that Riyad Software can definitely help you.

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